Elder Law And Family Law

As the population grows older, more and more people facing family law issues such as divorce will also have elder law concerns. At the Law Office of Donald S. Eisenberg, we have extensive experience and training in both of these areas, allowing us to serve clients with multiple and overlapping legal concerns.

We can help you with complex family law and elder law issues such as:

  • Divorce among older couples — Often referred to as "gray divorce," such dissolutions often involve the division of significant retirement assets, spousal support and inheritance issues.
  • Elder abuse — We are strong advocates for California elders who have been financially, physically and emotionally abused in nursing homes and other settings. The risk of such abuse can rise after a divorce or other situations when an elder becomes isolated from family members.
  • Inheritance issues — Estate planning can become especially complex when you wish to set aside wealth and assets for beneficiaries from a prior marriage. Because of our background in estate planning law, we can help you navigate these complex, intersecting issues, and put legal documents in place that protect your wishes.

If you are seeking a family law attorney with a strong elder law background, our law firm is prepared to meet your needs. We can spare you the time and expense of hiring two separate law firms by providing you with the guidance and advocacy you need for both of these areas of law.

Our Lawyers Are Here For You

When you are ready to talk to a family law and elder law attorney in Long Beach, we will be here for you. Contact our law offices online or by telephone at 562-546-5527 to arrange your initial consultation.