Modifications Of Existing Orders

After the resolution of a divorce or other family law matter, circumstances change. When the change is significant, it may warrant a modification of existing legal orders.

Modifications can prove to be contentious. A modification that favors one party may be unwanted by the other. If you are in either situation, you will find a strong advocate in the Law Office of Donald S. Eisenberg in Long Beach. We handle a broad range of family law matters for clients in California, including communities throughout Orange and Los Angeles counties.

Reasons For Obtaining A Modification

Some changing circumstances that may call for a modification of child custody and parenting time orders include:

  • The relocation of one of the parents and/or the child
  • A change in school or work schedule
  • One of the parents violating the custody order
  • Parenting that is adversely affecting the child

A change in income or job status may call for a modification of existing child support orders. Spousal support orders may be modified too, provided there is a compelling reason.

If you are seeking to modify an order or trying to stop a modification that will adversely affect you or your child, our lawyers can provide you with the strong, effective representation you need.

Discuss Your Family Law Needs With An Experienced Attorney

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