Interstate And International Disputes

As complex as divorce and family law matters can be, the issues become even more difficult when they cross state and international borders. At the Law Office of Donald S. Eisenberg, we handle interstate and international disputes involving divorce, child custody and other critical family law matters.

Our attorneys represent your interests if you:

  • Live in California and have legal issues in another state or country
  • Live outside of California and have legal issues pending here

We are not only highly knowledgeable in California family law statues, but also experienced in navigating the complex jurisdictional issues that arise when parties live in different states or countries.

Interstate Custody Matters

When parents engaged in a custody dispute live in different states, the matter falls under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act (UCCJA), a federal law that vests jurisdiction for custody matters in the child's home state. The UCCJA defines the child's home state as the state in which the child has lived with a parent for six consecutive months, or since birth if the child has not yet reached six months of age. If the child has not lived in any state for six consecutive months, the court will decide jurisdiction based on other factors, such as significant connections between the state, the child and at least one parent.

International Custody Disputes

We also handle international custody disputes falling under the Hague Convention. The Hague Convention is an international treaty that provides a framework for assigning jurisdiction and expediently resolving the custody matters that cross international borders. These cases often involve claims of unlawful removal and abduction of a child to the home country of one of the parents.

Trust Your Case To An Experienced Team Of Lawyers

Interstate and international disputes are complex, but our law firm has extensive experience in this area and can guide you through the process. To learn more, please contact our Long Beach, California, law offices online or by telephone at 562-546-5527.