When Family Law Issues Affect Children

At the Law Office of Donald S. Eisenberg, we place a special focus on family law matters that affect children. In addition to being accomplished family law attorneys, we are trained in topics such as mental health, child development, alienation, custody evaluations and move-aways — issues that often play an important role in sensitive legal disputes that involve children.

With law offices in Long Beach, we represent clients in a broad range of child-related legal matters, including:

  • Custody and parenting plans: We can help you pursue custody and parenting plans that protect the relationship you share with your child.
  • Child support: Whether you are seeking child support or paying it, we can help you understand the law and guide you through the process of establishing or modifying support orders.
  • Interstate and international disputes: We are well-versed in the complex laws that govern custody matters that cross state and international borders.
  • Move-aways: If you wish to move or you have concerns about your child's other parent moving, our attorneys are here to protect your rights.
  • Modifications: Our lawyers can help you pursue a modification of existing orders or attempt to stop a modification that will adversely affect you and your children.
  • Paternity: We represent both parties in the process of establishing parentage in California.

Our attorneys will work with you closely to help you understand California family law statutes and how they affect your parental rights. We are committed to protecting our clients' rights and the best interests of their children.

We Are Here To Protect Your Parental Rights

For help understanding children and California family law, and to protect your rights as a parent, contact our attorneys online or by telephone at 562-546-5527.